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Welcome to Bellerive
Bellerive provides quality Freestyle Ice Monday through Friday between 2pm and 6pm. (See calendar for details). At this time Bellerive does not offer any Learn to Skate or Group Classes. All Skaters must own their own skates and should be of Pre-Preliminary level or higher.  No hockey skates are allowed on freestyle ice.

Do you want to skate on Freestyle at Bellerive?
Bellerive uses an online booking system called Mindbody for booking and payment of Freestyles. Bellerive do not accept walk-on payments or cash on the day of the freestyle. All skaters and coaches must set up an account whereby a set of credits are purchased. One credit can be used for a 30 minute freestyle. Once the credits have been purchased the skater and/or coach must book in for each freestyle that they wish to use.

30 minute Freestyle: $9:50 per 30 minutes.


Coaches must be authorized by Bellerive Ice Center before teaching at the rink. Once authorized coaches must sign up to teach on a freestyle much the same as skaters. Coaches will receive a personal discount code (up-to 75%) off the regular freestyle price. Under no circumstances will unauthorized and/or unqualified coaches be allowed into the rink facility to teach private lessons.

  • Authorization Process:
    • Contact with your details.
    • U.S. Figure Skating Full Membership (either through a member club or as an individual)
    • Successfully pass the annual background screen
    • Verification of current coach liability insurance completion of CER Courses A, B or C (Basic Skills Instructors will not be authorized at this time)
    • PSA Membership.
Current Authorized Coaches
Karla Atwood
Remington Burghart
Kitty Carruthers Conrad
Lisa Dahl
Kaia Darling
Rory Flack
Andrew Foland
Melanie Franzen
Kimberly Johnson
Erin Kaufman
Natasha Kuchiki
Katie Otten
Mark Poole
Rebecca Dever Perel
Lisa Auwinger Rollinson
Erik Saul
Nicole Sciarrotta Nichols
Shanyn Vallon
Roman Zaresky

Example of Coach Fees: $9:50 - 75% = $2.38 per 30 minute FS).  Direct family members of a coach will also be able to take advantage of the same discount code. Anyone wishing to have their children skate at this rate must email the request to

Mindbody Online freestyle booking system
For a step by step guide to setting up and using the Mindbody Account click on the PDF file (How to set-up a MindBody Account) at the top right of the this page. Should you have any problems contact Mark Poole (

Sign up for our FREE Texting Service:
Bellerive use a texting service called REMIND to keep in contact with its customers. We can text you immediately if we have to cancel a session or even send you information about special pricing amongst other things!

  • Signing up for our freestyle text information is really simple(But not mandatory) :-
    • Text @belskate to (281) 915 4624

You will receive a confirmation text asking you to resend with your full name


Rink Information & Ice Purchase:
7300 Bellerive 713-360-6946 Houston, TX 77036 Facility Operations Manager:
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